House Finch Nest Watch.

Very sad day, the baby birds are gone. :(

June 11th:

I went out to get the mail today and heard a lot of loud bird
chatter. I saw a kestrel perched on the nest and ran to shoo him
away. Unfortunately, the nest was empty and the baby birds
were nowhere in sight. Hopefully the pair will have another
family, but I doubt it will be on our porch.


Robins built this nest under the eaves on our front porch, but
abandoned it and moved across the street. House finches then
moved in and lined the robin's nest with their own nest.


Here's the nest before it had eggs in it, toward the end of May.


A clutch of 5 eggs. The pale blue color on the right is more accurate. Taken with a flash
on May 23.


The chicks on June 6. I can't tell how many there are. Looks like at least three. Not sure which day
they hatched. Mike had the camera in Yellowstone during this time.

The parents keeping a close eye on us.


Flash photo of the nestlings taken on June 7. There are three. Hard to see the head
of the one on the left, but you can see his body and wings. The one on the far right
has his eye open.

June 8: they sure do change quickly! In three days they went from pink and ugly to
looking like actual birds. Sadly, it now looks like there are only two nestlings.
Don't know where the third one is.

Both appear to have their eyes open today.


June 9: Blurry shot! Boy these birds sure make a mess. :-p

June 10: Look at those wing feathers! And look how they plaster the walls of
their home. Yech! Adobe with a straw foundation?