Could this really be an in-game tribute?

A few days ago a friend in my guild was talking about a new NPC on the PTR. She asked if it was me. Assuming she was just kidding around, I said "yeah, that's me". Then she told me the NPC's full name and title was Michelle De Rum <Pet Collector>, and that she sold she Wintersaber cubs. After hearing a few more comments about her, I started to wonder if it might actually be me. The idea was just too crazy, but soon word spread among guild members and friends, and many were convinced it was. Now I was getting curious. I just had to download the PTR and pay her a visit to see for myself. I figured if she were human and resembled me in any way, I'd be less skeptical... especially if she had some nifty armor set on. ;)

I logged onto the PTR and flew out to Everlook. I wandered around the buildings looking for her and finally found her in the back of the inn, two Wintersaber cubs at her feet. As I approached, I was astonished to see she was identical to me! Hair, face, everything. It was like looking in a mirror! She looked splendid in her tier 2 warrior plate set, a lovely shade of blue matching her pets perfectly! That was the clincher.

Now I feel quite certain Blizzard is considering giving me an in-game NPC tribute, and I'm completely overwhelmed with excitement and bewilderment. I remember how thrilling it was when Breanni of Warcraftpets.com got an NPC. I was so touched that Blizzard noticed and paid homage to someone who put so much love and work into a fan site. I feel so incredibly honored I might share company with the likes of Breanni, who I credit (along with Lisa Poisso's article about me at WoW Insider) with popularizing my web gallery.

I really hope Michelle De Rum makes it from the PTR to the game. I wanted to wait until she actually made it into the game to make any announcement, but then I thought "what if she doesn't make it into the game?". So I decided to brag a bit while I can.

Here I am on the PTR, visiting Michelle for the first time: