Q. Is Michelle De Rum, the Pet Collector NPC named after you?

A. Yes. This NPC is a tribute to me and my warrior Drrum, on Stormrage.

Q. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

A. I first played in 2005, but did not create a character and begin collecting until 2007.

Q. How do you pronounce your name?

A. It's pronounced like the word "drum", although occasionally friends pronounce it "durr-um" or "doctor rum" for unknown reasons. ;)

Q. Do you really own all those costumes, clothing/armor sets, and weapons?

A. Up until the WotLK expansion, I still owned every item in my screenshots. Due to obvious inventory issues, I have since vendored many sets of armor and weapons, and will continue to vendor one set for every new set I buy.

Q. How do you store all your stuff?

A. Drrum owns 11 Royal Satchels. She uses three bank alts with two 6-tab guild banks to store her non-bound items. I love the tabs for mounts and pets, and I'm very thankful for "account bound" inventory items. I hope Blizzard will someday implement a similar system for tabards, toys, and garb.

Q. Which pet is your favorite? Which mount is your favorite?

A. Tough question. For a long time my favorite pet was Peanut. As a bat lover, I am especially fond of my Vampiric Batling. My favorite pet is now the Winterspring Cub. My favorite mounts are my Swift Zulian Tiger, my Raven Lord, and my Zhevra, although I really love my Chopper. My favorite flyer is the Amani Dragonhawk.

Check out pages that include some of my favorites pets and mounts:

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Q. What was the most difficult pet or mount to obtain?

A. The Kirin Tor Familiar, Mr. Pinchy were very time-consuming pets to obtain. While my Wintersaber mount was probably the most difficult reputation grind for a mount, the Razzashi Raptor eluded me through years of hunting Zul'Gurub.

Check out pages that include some of my rarest pets and mounts:

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Q. I notice you don't have screenshots of all your pets and mounts. Will you eventually have a screenshot of each one?

A. Yes. I hope to eventually include screenshots of every pet and mount I own.

Q. Any pets you don't own that you would love to have?

A. Yes. For many, the holy grail of pets is the Panda Cub. Someday I hope to own one! UPDATE: On December 1st, 2009, through an arrangement made with my friend Brian (Breanni) and his friend Tom, I was able to acquire the Collector's Edition original key and upgrade my account with the Original CE pets: Panda Cub, Zergling, and Mini Diablo! I am thrilled with my new pets, especially my Panda Cub! Thank you

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